Identical opposite-sex twins

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While the differences in the microenvironment between fingers are small and subtle, their effect is amplified by the differentiating cells and produces the macroscopic differences that enable the fingerprints of twins to be differentiated. In House of Suns , by Alastair Reynolds , the various posthuman clone houses, such as Gentian Line, consist of male and female clones of a single individual.

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Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star are fraternal twins who are drawn to have very different eye shapes Tsukasa has Tareme Eyes and Kagami has Tsurime Eyes and they also have different hairstyles. When They Cry uses this to her advantage, as she assumes her sister Mion 's identity to manipulate as well as to cover up murder in the Watanagashi and Meakashi arcs.

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The Twins in Superjail! However, this is actually a subversion:

Always Identical Twins

Of course they use that similarity for their own amusement, but it's also implied that it's also the reason they can be a bit bitter and cynical. Seiso is likely this as well, though it's not yet revealed who she's a clone of. Eric and Sami Brady.

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Opposite-Sex Clone

Notable that at least the twins start out easily distinguishable in appearance and general behaviour. However, both of them are gourmets with extremely sensitive palates and have no hesitation whatsoever when it comes to shooting down unworthy efforts. But, the only way to tell for sure if a set of twins are fraternal or identical after birth unless they're "mono-mono" is usually through genetic testing. Averted in the case of Natsume and Orie Sendawara; Natsume is far more outspoken and aggressive than Orie, and tends to dress in quite provocative outfits, whereas Orie is calmer, meeker and tends to go for a cuter style. Because they're Claire Bennet's children who were sent back in time to prevent Renautas Corporation from exploiting them and because if the twins were raised together, his original ability of power absorption would have stolen his sister's ability as well.
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  1. The game's narrative as well as its inspiration make it excessively clear that the two are meant to be completely identical, though they are curiously depicted with different hair colors—Claus ginger and Lucas blonde. This isn't to put her down, if anything it makes Bladezz retro-actively prettier.